Gas Safety Inspections

A gas safety check involves a Gas Safe registered engineer inspecting your gas appliances. They will check the appliance is working correctly and will check the following four areas:

  • Gas appliances are on the right setting and burning correctly with the correct operating pressure
  • Harmful gases are being removed from the appliance safely to the air outside
  • That any ventilation routes are clear and working properly
  • All the safety devices are working

The check will identify any defects which require remedial work. You should have a gas safety check every year otherwise you are putting your employees at risk and in possible danger from carbon monoxide poisoning.

After our gas engineers have carried out any work to a gas appliance, whether it be servicing or inspecting, we always leave a detailed gas report with our clients which lists the combustion readings of all the gas appliances tested, details of whether the appliance is working safely and meets the current standards. For our commercial landlord clients, this will take the form of the relevant CP12 documentation. All gas safety records include our gas engineers name and gas safe registration number.

Although we work with commercial clients, we are happy to carry out CP12 gas landlord checks for landlords with multiple properties.