Solar Energy

Service & Maintenance

WEMCo offer maintenance services on a wide range of solar energy systems, including ones not originally installed by us.

Once installed, most solar energy systems require little or no maintenance during their expected lifetime as there are very few moving parts. Only the circulation pump is subject to physical wear.  Solar panel maintenance is essentially periodical checking of the integrity of the panels, the operation of the equipment and controls. The panels are subject to the vagaries of the weather elements and expansion and contraction from the inherent heating and cooling cycles. They therefore require nspection to ensure that they have not sustained damage.

During periodic routine maintenance, the performance of the system is measured by taking temperatures at the top and bottom of this on a plate collector together with the inlet and outlet of the hot water storage tank. A sample of Glycol fluid is taken and the appearance noted, the pH measured and the level of antifreeze in the thermal fluid measured. After a number of years or so more fluid is likely to need replacing by comparing the results of the sample with industry indices to  determine the efficiency of the system.

We pride ourselves on our expertise, experience, quality and overall attention to detail and are fully tested and certified so that you can be confident about our on-going maintenance and/or repair services, as well as all the following installation services that we offer:

We have recently been asked if we can service Smart Energy Systems and the answer is YES, we can! Please contact us for further information.