Legionella Control

We are a full member of the Legionella Control Association (LCA) and are able to provide services to support the management of water hygiene to control Legionella in your water systems.

The LCA is an independent body formed by the British Association for Chemical Specialities (BACS) and the Water Management Society (WMS). In full consultation with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), they have formulated and launched a Recommended Code of Conduct for Service Providers. The Code of Conduct gives guidance on the standard of service that clients should expect to receive from their service provider.

To download a copy of the LCA code of conduct click here

To download a copy of WEMCO certificate click here

WEMCo provide the following services for the control of Legionella;     

  • Legionella Risk Assessment Services – Hot & Cold Water Services
  • Hot & Cold Water Monitoring and Inspection Services
  • Cleaning & Disinfection Services
  • Facilities Management Services

All of our work is carried out and developed within the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice ACOP L8.