Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Installations

In a commercial environment, air-conditioning is an ever increasing must-have technology. High glass density, high occupancy spaces, heat emissions from IT equipment and high lighting levels add to heat output that needs a controlling solution.

Infra-red remote control can allow you to keep your surroundings at the perfect temperature. New advances in technology mean these units are now cheaper to buy and almost silent in operation – so you and your employees will never be disturbed or distracted.

As part of our service we can evaluate the heat gain in your workspace and provide effective cooling solutions. We can create a tailored commercial air conditioning solution that meets all your needs.

For example, where an office has a suspended ceiling or ceiling void, ceiling cassette systems represent an effective and unobtrusive method of controlling temperature. Where no ceiling void is available, we may recommend the choice of equipment to be a high level wall mounted system.

We can provide and install multiple outdoor units or single multi-split or VRV outdoor units.

Units that purify the air can now be provided, adding or removing moisture in the process. Our ducted type solutions give the ability to cool several places of the same or separate rooms from the same condenser.

Once installed, we can maintain your new investment by designing a bespoke maintenance schedule.